Good grief. Hectic next few weeks. Basically, got a bachelor party in Vegas this weekend, then next weekend, a drywallothon for the downstairs, then a wedding (I think that’s the weekend), then a camping trip, and whatever the hell else we end up doing.

There’s something wrong with the exhaust system on the Mini. How do I know? The front end of the exhaust pipe is dragging on the ground – not usually a good sign. Not sure what came loose, but something sure did. So, up onto the ramps it’ll go maybe Wednesday of next week, so I can see what the heck has come loose. Also got to get a new part machined for that broken shift linkage, but fortunately, Boss Tool, out in Tracy, CA does excellent work, and they’ve been great for stuff I’ve needed for work, and hopefully, they’ll be able to whip me up a nice stainless part to replace the cast aluminum piece that broke. Depends how big the sucker is, I suppose – but I’ll check that out Wednesday, too. Whew.

Oh – also have a 24 hour comic event coming up, where a bunch of folks and I are gonna blast out a comic in 24 hours. Got an idea for what I want to do, but actively working to not think about it, lest I ruin the premise of the whole 24 hour comic zeitgeist, or however you’d put it.


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