This year…

  • Lose weight. Primarily through diet, starting with not sugaring up coffee in the morning and doing OMAD at least 3x week.
  • Exercise more. More walking to places for errands like grocery shopping, biking to places that are too far to walk, and driving only when I need to bring back more than I can carry in a backpack. Maybe even grab a set of panniers for the Super-V so I could carry more.
  • Get up on the foil while wingfoiling while being powered by the wing. I got up on foil on an e-foil, and then a few times in heavier winds. I still can’t get a pump start to engage the foil, and that’s the task for this year.
  • Keep organizing/cleaning up house stuff. I mean, this is likely an unending project, but keep fixing/painting/patching things until stuff is actually good.
  • Take up a project, and “apply good pressure”. I can find myself a little directionless, because aside from the more daily tasks, I don’t have any external pressure. So, finish up the VR demo for the stroke thing, and show it to someone. This was my resolution at the beginning of 2021, and I made some really minor progress, but not a ton. I need to do this, because finishing a basic demo “unlocks” a lot of other things to do.

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