Well. It’s Been a While

Been a bit since the last time I’ve written anything. What’s happened in 2019? My dad survived prostate cancer almost killing him. That’s certainly the most significant thing that happened in the first part of the year.

Through the rest of the year, for me, it’s mostly been work. Lots of work, lots of stress. Trying to ship a combination of novel software and novel hardware turns out to be even more difficult than I’d thought. And I wasn’t expecting it to be anything but hard.

Kids are good. 1st and 4th grade, which still feels crazy. We recently redid our backyard, and the result is really, really great. If you haven’t seen it, come over some time.

I was never able to resuscitate my iMac, which is kind of a bummer, but having a PC in the house is useful for gaming, and if I ever decide to do some independent development, it’s nice to have something I can actually do non-iOS stuff on. Unreal’s been really neat to learn – even though I’ve basically forgotten everything I learned at the start of the project, knowing more about the state of the art re: tools has been a great experience.

Mostly, though, still just chugging along. Trying to get this shipped. Trying to spend as much meaningful time as possible with the kids. Trying to get enough sleep and mostly failing.

Life’s good, though.

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