Nothin’ Much

Not a lot going on. Working, kids, summertime. J’s in summer camp (Sarah’s Science) all summer, mostly. I’ve been getting my old Cannondale Super-V back in shape, and tomorrow I’m likely gonna swap out the in-need-of-service-I-can’t-provide rear shock, and try to strip down the front shock & get it back in working order. It’s been pretty nice to get it back up & running. I’m hoping at some point in the not-too-distant future to get both of the kids on bikes, but this summer the big goal is “get really comfortable & safe swimming”, so that’s what we’re doing on Saturdays.

Been playing a board game called Charterstone with Sean, Ghia, and David, and it’s really fun. Not super complicated, but quite elegant, and the evolution of the game from session-to-session keeps things really exciting and fun. I’ve got a bunch of other games I’m really interested in trying out, so after Charterstone runs its 12-course session, we’ll see if that group continues with something else. Max, Hannah, and Francisco have come over and we’ve played Azul, which isΒ excellent, and I really can’t recommend it enough. Awesome game.

I biked to work one day last week, and it was great. It’s basically 19 miles round-trip, and I did it with an electric assist via a “Copenhagen Wheel” which gives your bike a boost. It’s a neat wheel, but it’s got some glitchiness that I’m not entirely sure is fixable. We’ll see. I’ve been e-mailing them regularly to try to see if we can figure it out. It’d be a bummer to have to return it. 😐

K’s looking forward to Kindergarten. We went to a little Monte Tavor picnic today, and it’s kind of crazy to think we’ve been with them nearly 8.5 years, and it’ll be over in just about two months. Crazy.

Work’s going well. Project’s making solid progress. Every once in a while there’s a step backwards, but for the most part what we’ve been doing has been received so well by the potential customer-base that I’m pretty certain we’re gonna make some waves when we launch. πŸ™‚ Really looking forward to it. It’s odd, because it’s not just “really looking forward to it because maybe that’ll finally mean revenue,” but when it’s “really looking forward to it because we make a real positive difference in peoples’ lives” it’s kind of a different level of motivation.

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