Month: December 2017


Well. 2017 on a national level was an obvious dumpster fire. On a personal level, it started out terribly. Wonderspark had some very long odds for survival, and despite making a game I was really proud of, we couldn’t find it an audience in time.

In March, we ran out of money, and shut the company down.

Ei-Nyung and I spent the bulk of the year unemployed. In every way but financially, it was a pretty spectacular time. I learned to kiteboard, we managed to move my parents out to Concord, we spent a lot of time with the kids, going to Dublin & London, Tahoe… it was a really good summer (aside from the stress involved with moving my parents). I took on a contract design job that was an interesting foray into health-related stuff, and then in October, a friend of mine, Chuck, dropped a job in my lap that I couldn’t pass up.

So I took it. I’ll write a little more about it later when it’s more public, but not only was it perfect on paper, but after starting, I’ve become even more excited about it as it’s developed.

The kids are great. Still a wonderful team. They’ve spent so much time making things, drawing, telling stories… it’s great to see how creative and constructive they are. J’s a generous older brother, and K is amazing at keeping up with someone almost twice his age.

We’re just north of Atlanta now, hanging out with Ei-Nyung’s side of the family – the kids get along great with their cousins.

Will post pics later.