Lots of stuff. Been a crazy last month, even though one would think that being unemployed, I’d have a ton of free time.

  • Moved my parents to Concord, from NY. Mostly went off without a hitch. We’ll see, when their stuff arrives, supposedly on Tuesday. Not that it wasn’t stressful. It was bananas. But nothing went terribly wrong.
  • Been learning to kiteboard. Fun, but difficult to find enough time to actually go now that things have ramped up a bit – even if “ramped up” is just “need to pick up kids in camp” and “help the parents with whatever.”
  • Started looking for work. Some stuff starting to line up, which is good. Some stuff I’m unsure about, which isn’t. Need to make a call soon.
  • Odd milestone – added separate calendars to iCal for the kids. Realized they’re going to start having their own schedules more frequently, and it’d be worth differentiating. Feels very weird.
  • Went to London for a week. Awesome. Saw a lot of stuff, did some generic touristy crap like the London Eye, river cruise, and a Duck Tour. Doesn’t matter – they were awesome, and I’d recommend them all. Also went to the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, Hyde Park (specifically, the Princess Diana Memorial Playground, which was GREAT). Loved it. Saw Brandon, who we haven’t seen in 15ish years, which was great, and caught up with Jenny, who I’d seen way more recently.
  • Then went to Dublin, and spent the week with Alan & Becky, which was a really fantastic trip. Kids had a great time, saw a bunch of interesting stuff (Dublinia, Powerscourt Garden, Johnnie Fox’s, Fade St. Social), played a ton of boardgames (Mysterium is awesome), and spent a good long time just hanging out, which was a ball.
  • Been swimming more. Went consistently for three weeks, and saw significant improvement & felt better about myself. Problem is, I have no idea how to integrate working out into an actual real schedule with a job & taking care of the kids & what have you. It’s definitely *getting* easier, but it’s not yet anything I’d say approaches easy. My form isn’t terrible, but oh my god I’m in terrible shape.

I expect things will start to slow a bit, which’ll be nice. Ei-Nyung got a WONDERFUL new job that we’re both super optimistic about, which is great, and will start mid-September, which gives her two months to chill out for a bit without that impending fear of unemployment. Not so much for me (the fear is present), but whatever.

So yeah – busy, stressful, but mostly good news. Let’s see how the rest of the summer goes. Heading to Tahoe next weekend, which will be fun.


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