VR: Stick a Fork In It.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that for games, VR is toast.

I had pretty low expectations for my experience with PSVR, but one bout of serious VR-induced nausea, and I’m 100% convinced that there’s no place for this as a mainstream technology any time in the near future. Even as a “display” for non-game-related things, it’s so isolating that forĀ most applications it simply feelsĀ wrong.

I think in terms of usage, for something like airplanes, or for “attractions” – dedicated spaces designed around VR experiences – they might have a future. But for couch or desk-based interactions for amusement? Not a chance. It’ll be a niche market for a few years as all the VC-backed VR hype finally hits the wall of no-customers, but once all those companies die off, it’ll basically be relegated to hobbyist usage, and the only content available will be hobbyist content.

The setup is too clunky. VR Nausea is *fatal* to the experience. There’s no killer app, despite billions of dollars of investment. The problems of “virtual movement without real movement” aren’t even close to being solved, and until they are, the limits on usage of VR are so bananas that there’s no practical reason for anyone to make the investment to jump in.

AR? That’s a different story entirely, and, I believe, the inevitable future.