Recent Rando Stuff

Started watching Star Trek Beyond, and they managed to create¬†spectacle, which is something I honestly didn’t expect. Great stuff. Also picked up a handful of games on Black Friday sales – Gears of War 4, Far Cry: Primal, Battlefield 1, Hitman: The First Season, and Mad Max. So far only spent any reasonable time with Gears and Battlefield, but both are interesting – Gears because it’s reliably Gears-y, and Battlefield 1 because it’s kind of shockingly well done re: how it handles war & death & the horror & senselessness of it.

Also started watching a PBS series called Soundbreaking, and it’s FANTASTIC. Really amazing show about recorded music, what producers do, the history of hiphop, etc. It’s kind of bonkers how good the show is.