Spent the last few days in San Diego with some friends & their families. We ended up going to the San Diego Zoo, which was fantastic – I think I was there many years ago with my grandparents, but I haven’t been in ages. It’s like the Oakland Zoo ate three more zoos and had five times the budget. Ended up getting rained on, but it was fun nonetheless.

We also got to hang out with Seth, which was great, and see his work, which was … more or less exactly as expected. Went back to Kula Sushi, which the kids really love (and yeah, okay, I like it too – it’s not great sushi, but it is a great experience).

We then spent two days at Legoland, which was really fun. It’s not necessarily mindblowing if you’re coming from a Disneyland or what have you, but it’s a really fun place – Miniland (where they recreate a bunch of real-world places out of Lego) was pretty fantastic, and seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces was a real treat. We went on a handful of rides (J’s not into coasters, and K’s still too small), but they had a neat 3-D interactive Ninjago ride which was pretty amazing. You’d throw energy balls with your hands at targets as you moved around a place with a bunch of 3-D screens, and ┬áboth of the kids got a huge kick out of it. One of the more interesting uses of tech + ride I’d seen recently. VR headsets on a ride like that would have been pretty amazing.

The drive up & back wasn’t too bad – bits of traffic in LA, but more or less smooth sailing the entire rest of the way. La Brea Tar Pits, SD Zoo, Legoland all in one trip, combined with a nice pool & a hot tub? Yeah, life’s pretty great.