Tar Pits

So here’s something I didn’t know until today, despite being obsessed with dinosaurs & prehistory, and then going through two waves of kid-driven dinosaur/prehistory obsession…

Animals don’t sink in tar pits. They get stuck, like on flypaper, and die of starvation or exposure, then eventually more tar bubbles up through the surface & covers them. All the images of mammoths half-submerged in tar pits while getting mauled by (also doomed) sabertooth cats? Not how it worked.

We drove down to Lebec last night, spent the night there, then crossed the grapevine & visited the La Brea Tar Pits today. Great trip. We then headed down to Carlsbad with some friends for a few days here at Legoland with the kids (and possibly seeing uncle Seth).

So far, awesome.