What’s up?

Work’s been interesting. We’ve been making a ton of progress on a really weird and novel feature. It’s been interesting to see how it works and how it doesn’t, but basically we’ve got something that’s showing a lot of promise, and that’s been really nice.

This weekend, we’re driving down to San Diego for a few days to visit with some of Ei-Nyung’s friends and go to Legoland and the La Brea Tar Pits with the kids (and probably see Uncle Seth while we’re down there). Coming back on Thanksgiving Day, so I’m assuming our Thanksgiving feast will be pretty subdued. Excited for the trip, though. Should be interesting.

Kinda funny, though – I put a set of Bridgestone RE-71R tires on the M3 earlier this year, because I wanted to get some higher-performance tires than the Pilot Super Sports I was using before. I’d end up destroying the PSS’s on the track long before they’d have run out mileage-wise, so I figured that getting some higher-performance tires w/ shorter lifespans would be fine. Well, I’ve been to the track exactly zero times since I’ve put them on, and I’ll have made a drive to SoCal *twice*, eating through probably a quarter of their wear just on two trips. Ha. Welp. Whatchagonnado? A second set of wheels, I guess.

I also got a backup camera kit for the car which I’m gonna try to install myself. Should be interesting. I need to basically replace the trunk handle with the camera + replacement handle, then run a wire from the back all the way to the front of the car, which means disassembling a good deal of interior bodywork, including the dashboard and nav system. :O Will I be able to reassemble it all? WHO KNOWS. Should be interesting, though. I figure if I get through this successfully, chances are good I’ll be able to do that bluetooth retrofit I’d intended to do way back when, but never did.

I cleaned up a lot of the basement “nook” and reorganized it so the music gear and bookshelves are more accessible, and have been getting some use out of it, which is great.

The kids are super into Pokemon recently, which has been interesting. Got Pokemon Sun coming for the 3DS on Friday, but it’s been interesting learning about the card game, and how little the card game is relevant to the kids’ interest in Pokemon. The design of the characters is brilliant, though – they’re adorable, but they’re also humorous, often very clever, and sometimes quite sad. I hope over time we’ll be able to get those bits of craft into our game as well.