A Stephen Colbert Episode I’ll Never Watch

Election night, I signed up for a free trial of Showtime, because Stephen Colbert would be doing a live election show. We watched about 20 minutes of it before it started to become obvious that things weren’t going the way folks had expected. Around the same time, the stream died. We turned it off, unable (for reasons both technical and emotional) to keep watching.

I looked at it today, still listed on Showtime, and thought, I just can’t watch this. It’s not even like watching a video of a funeral for a beloved friend, It’s like watching a tape of them getting murdered.

We got out a bit today – went out to Swan’s Market for lunch with the kids, where we picked up a funny variation on Tic Tac Toe called Goblet Gobblers. Basically TTT with three different sized pieces, and the larger pieces can eat the smaller ones. Fun to try to understand both the strategy of the game & to teach the kids.

We also printed up some more Pokemon – a Rhydon for J, and a Cubone Skull for the two kids. Both turned out well – could use a little optimization on a few parts, but 95% good. Pokemon are the perfect 3D printing thing, though, because there are so many of them, there can’t possibly be standard retail merch for most Pokemon. It’d be neat if TPC would make purchaseable & properly licensed .stl files, but I realize that’d be an absurd amount of work for such a niche audience.