The Grand Tour

img_2846A month or so ago, a friend of mine & I went to the taping of the 1st episode of The Grand Tour. If you liked Top Gear… you’ll probably like this, because it’s fundamentally the same stuff that Top Gear was built on.
In the tent, I’m standing in an area that’s never on-screen, so I don’t expect you’ll see me in the audience – the only potential shot that you might is when Jeremy, Richard & James either enter or leave the tent. When they enter, I should be on the “far side” from the camera, about 2-3 people from the actual entryway. When they leave, which I doubt you’ll see because I think they’d stopped recording by then, I’d be literally the last person next to the door on the right side.

It was a lot of fun to drive down to SoCal the night before, spend the day watching the taping, then drive back in the evening (fortunately my friend drove the lion’s share of the way back, ’cause I was super sleepy).