Month: January 2016

IMG_1625Generally speaking, so far 2016’s been off to a rollicking start. Work’s chugging along at a brisk pace, and the kids are a delight every day. I’ve managed to actively try to address most of my health issues – saw an allergist, have been chasing down potential sources for what’s causing the eczema (latest hypothesis is memory foam), and overall, feeling better. Got a bit sick last week, but whatever.

Kids are good. K’s foot issue has come back a bit, but it’s on the mend again, and both kids are pretty reliably sleeping through the night. K gets up on the early side and sneaks into bed, but it’sĀ literally like night and day from a few months ago.

Diet’s been pretty bad, and exercise has been pretty bad – mostly because the two are tied up in the whole eczema thing. Trying to do a bunch of dietary changes to find a potential trigger for eczema doesn’t lend itself to eating well consistently, since everything’s constantly a crapshoot.

Bought a front lip spoiler for the M3 – will probably install it some evening over the weekend. Need to get the installation hardware – just a couple self-tapping screws & some industrial-strength double-sided tape. A few months ago the underside of the bumper got a bit trashed anyway, so figure for a cosmetic mod, it has the benefit of “fixing” some previous damage. Scheduled another track day for March 16th at Sonoma.IMG_1607

Before it started raining fairly regularly, was starting to teach J how to ride a bike. Slow going – might have been easier if we’d started him earlier, but whatever – as long as he’s enjoying the process (he doesn’t like to start, but once he’s started, he likes giving it some effort), that’s fine. He’ll get it eventually. Got K a balance bike to play with, and he hasn’t quite gotten used to it either, but the weather took a downturn before we could invest too much time with it.

Looking forward to it getting warmer in a few months & getting the kids back to the pool. I think this year, J’s gonna take off, and K might start to figure the whole swimming thing out. šŸ™‚

Trips? We’re heading to San Diego when the brother-in-law graduates, and heading to Hawaii for a few days in March. Trying to schedule some sort of group trip for a few days with the high school gang for the 40th year, and also something to mark Ei-Nyung & my wedding anniversary. Whee!


This year, I’ve got fourĀ resolutions:

  • More sleep. On average a minimum of one extra hour a night, moving my “bedtime” forward from about midnight, usually, to about 11pm. This means sacrificing whatever leisure activities I used to squeeze in in that hour, but it was usually games or TV, and feeling better via more sleepĀ is more important to me, and I’ve got to make that commitment. I also know that the rest of my health will improve with more sleep, so “fitness” is also rolled into this.
  • Wonderspark break-even. We’re going to be launching our first game early this year, and while I’ve got no illusions that it’s going to be a hit out of the gate, I think it’s got the potential to drive us to break-even in the next 12 months, and that’s our immediate goal. Profitable would be a great side-effect of getting tho this point, but let’s focus on what’s in front of us first.
  • Be present. Whether this means for my kids, or for Ei-Nyung, orĀ whatever, my goal is to be less distracted by trivial things (phone games, etc.) and be more present in the moment. It’s not to say that I’m “quitting” social media – far from it – I think it’s a great way to stay in touch with people I can’t otherwise interact with on a day-to-day basis. It just means that it’s prioritizedĀ below the present moment, actively.
  • Resolve health issues. I’ve got a number of things, from figuring out this whole soy/milk/whatever allergy that’s giving me eczema (see an allergist) to the grinding bits inside both shoulders. I keep putting them off, but hey, I’m gonna be 40. Time to make sure I get some of this sorted out while my body can still theoretically recover from this stuff.

2015 was, in general, my favorite year from the last five or six. The kids & family were great, I don’t hate work anymore, I love the team I’m working with now & what we’re making, and everything has been ticking along nicely. May 2016 resolve some of that potential, and lead to bigger and better things!