You’dIMG_0269 think that after sixteen years of working, I’d have some idea of what I want, right? Something that I could clearly articulate, that I could defend, that I could state without compromise.

It’s strange, then, that 2015 has so far been a year of realizing that it’s really, really hard to understand what it is that you actually want. Or rather, that it’s really easy to get distracted from it.

So here’s what I want out of work. I want to be able to build things that are amazing. That I am deeply proud to have brought into the world. That make other peoples’ lives better in some meaningful way. I want to control that, and not ever be put in a position where I have to give it up for any reason.

I want to be able to use work – my time at work – to help people become better people. To be more empathic. To help other people achieve their dreams. Maybe that’s a message that I can get to the players, or maybe it’s a message that’s for the people I’m working directly with.

If we’re fortunate enough to be successful, I want everyone to share in that success in a genuinely equitable way. If we’re fortunate enough to simply be able to continue doing the things we love doing, I want to give people opportunity. I want to help the underrepresented get a foothold in game development.

I want to build something amazing.