Last Day

Tomorrow morning I head to the airport, to home, to the family.

Tonight, I try to sleep.

The last few nights, I’ve had a persistent cough, the kind that keeps waking you up every 30 minutes. I think I finally went to bed at about 11:30 last night, and I got up at 4:11 and then read all the Ferguson stuff, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So that’s two days in a row with about 4 hours of cough-interrupted sleep.

I was more or less fine until I got back to the hotel, and then felt like someone dropped a sack of bricks on me. My eyes are stinging from tiredness, my whole body’s just sort of spent. I ended up getting dinner at the hotel, because the nearest place is about half a mile away by foot. Had some schnitzel & fries – the schnitzel was delicious, but the fries were too salty. Ah, well.

Work went well. Very productive, I think. So, yeah – back in East Berlin. Got a 30 minute ride to the airport tomorrow for a 9:15 flight, so that probably means I’m leaving here around 7:45ish. Getting home at something like 2pm PST, but there’s 12 hours between those two points, somehow. 12 hours of misery, if the way here was any indication. Whee. 🙂

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