Month: June 2014


I got an article published in Polygon a while back! posting a link here just in case I ever need to find it again:

Things & Stuff


LooksIMG_7988 like I’m finally able to add images again, which is nice. Was broken for a long while, and it looks like some sort of WordPress update has repaired that.

I’m posting from an iMac I finally got set up. Since it’s looking like we’ll be working from home for a while, it’s nice to have a setup with a big monitor & lots of connections to things. It’s now connected to my various music gear, so that’s all nicely integrated.

In general, things are going well. Not a lot to report. Slowly organizing & repairing small bits of the house. Trying to figure out what to do with the backyard. I think I have a good idea of what I want to do next re: work, just a matter of finding the people who will be interested in doing it with me, and figuring out how to fund it. So that’s going to be a lot of fascinating conversations in the next few months, but there are some great options out there, so it’s fun getting those discussions started.

IMG_7981Haven’t gone to a lot of track days recently (though I did paint & “decorate” my helmet for kicks) – most of the week’s spent with the kids (Monday with J, W/F with K, but have been going to the pool in the evenings after picking up J early). It’s been really great getting to spend so much time with them. K’s growing up so fast. He’s got lots more teeth, can walk stably (mostly), and is really starting to understand and speak words. You can ask him to make all kinds of animal sounds, and he loves it.

He loves sleeping a bit less, and that’s probably due to congestion or an ear infection or something, but it still makes nights fairly difficult. 15 months, and he’s still regularly getting up often at night. It’s gotta change sometime, right?

J has been doing really well. He’s a fantastic big brother. If anything, a bit too excited to see K at times, but he’s really gentle, and really forgiving, and has been really generous sharing his stuff & his space, and can understand that some things are now his & K’s rather than just his alone. It can be rouIMG_8005gh at times, but he’s a trooper.

We recently went to Maui (for vacation) and to Milwaukee (for a friend’s wedding). Both trips were amazing. Maui is gorgeous, the beaches were really nice, and overall, just a very pleasant place to be. Overall, my favorite spot in Hawaii so far is Kailua, but we’ve still got a handful more places to check out before we can say authoritatively. So we’ll have to go back, you know, for science.

Milwaukee was great. The wedding was amazing – always great to see friends finding people that they really fit with (and who are wonderful in their own right, of course). We spent a bunch of time at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum and Discovery World. Ate at a bunch of good places (All Purpose, with A/K/A, who kindly drove over from Chicago, Honey Pie, and Umami Moto were all standouts), and spent a bunch of time just walking around and seeing something new.

I think next  up would be a trip to Australia or Europe. I dunno. I’d love to go back to Helsinki, and I feel like it’d be sensible to try to do some “Tour de Finnish Mobile Developers” and meet “my people”, but it’d be challenging with the kiddos.

It’s nice to blog again. FB & Twitter are great and all, but eventually all that data is going to get lost, which is sad. I like reading over my years-old posts, and remembering what it was like to be then.