Month: June 2012

Jumping Back on the Wagon

A while back, we’d taken up a “primal” diet – cut out almost all grain, sugar, and a handful of other things. During that time, nearly effortlessly, I’d lost weight, gotten a lot more energy, slept better, and was *psyched* about things. Everything felt better – WAS better. But slowly, over the last six months, things have constantly degraded – more sweets, more grains, etc. and the results now are obvious. I’ve put some weight back on (not nearly all I’ve lost, but about 10 lbs.), energy levels are lower, etc.

The thing is, I have no idea *why* things fell off the wagon. I loved the food I was eating, I felt great, and it was clear that this was the way to go. The big problem is that I still definitely have a sweet tooth, and it’s actually kind of hard to avoid grains at lunch, because almost all lunch food is sandwiches.

That said, it’s not like it’s that hard. It’s *habit*. So, starting tomorrow (even though we’re still on vacation), I’m back on the wagon. Will be doing a really strict no-cheats version of the primal diet in order to really try to break the bad habits for the first 30 days, then trying to find a sustainable balance.

I felt great, ate well, and was optimistic about getting to a point where I was *happy* with how I looked. Let’s do that again.