Month: April 2012



Ah, what a silly little bear. Who has a fake strawberry tongue? Really.

In case you’re wondering, the reason I haven’t written anything since the beginning of the year is mostly just that things have been either insanely busy, or … I haven’t had much to say. Work’s gone pretty well. In case you didn’t hear, there was this thing. So that’s been pretty intense. Good, so far, which is awesome.

Life with the family’s also been great. The kiddo’s really talking, and he expresses a lot of thoughts. There are some times when you see him get frustrated that he just doesn’t understand how to say something he’s trying to communicate, but for the most part, he actually can get his point across really well.

He still loves trucks, construction equipment, garbage trucks and the like. He plays a lot with my old Matchbox cars from when I was growing up. So he has a lot of cars now that are dated from 1978. Which will eventually make him the coolest kid on the block… when he’s 35.

Has anything changed recently? Not really. House stuff is still basically in the same state it’s been in for a while. We got some stuff tidied up in the kitchen, which was a long time coming, but there’s still a lot to go. Bathroom upstairs, 3 of the exterior walls, and a ton of concrete work around the house (front steps, walkways, side walkway, back patio), so it’s still gonna be a fairly sizable chunk of change & time to get all this stuff done.

In terms of the New Year’s Resolutions – making progress on all of them, and all of them for various reasons have also hit some roadblocks. Which is normal for everything, I suppose. Still, progress… and progress is generally good.

These days, we spend a lot of time at the Oakland Zoo, which is great. Kiddo loves to check out all the animals, and he really enjoys running around, looking at waterfalls (sometimes more than the animals), and watching things. It’s a nice place – the animals look really well cared for, and the atmosphere is really wonderful.

Been biking a bit, too. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but my bike got stolen just before Christmas, from the work bikeroom. Someone had “tailed” someone else in, and then hung around, ate some food they stole from the donation bins, and picked apart a bunch of bikes for parts, which they took with mine, since I was stupid enough to believe the locked bike room door would be enough. Live and learn. I ended up replacing it with a 2012 Cannondale Bad Boy, which is basically the new version of the exact same bike. So far, it’s really great – best bike I’ve ever had – and Jin loves going for rides. Now that the weather’s more regularly turned up, I hope we go on a lot more rides this year.

Haven’t been playing a ton of games on consoles these days. Mostly because I think I end up wiped out from work (which really never feels justified, for me, but it is what it is), and don’t want to get all wound up in the evenings. It’s not like I don’t want to play Mass Effect 3. Or any of the other stack of 30+ games I’ve barely started. Still, I’ve been playing a bit on the Playstation Vita (Uncharted, Rayman Origins), a lot on the iPad (Fairway Solitaire, Hero Academy), and a bit on the PS3 (Journey, House of the Dead 4).

If you miss random thoughts about game design, you can always check out – most of my game-related thoughts end up there.