Month: June 2011

Father’s Day 2011

Ei-Nyung let me do a LOT of ridiculous stuff today. From sleeping in to playing tons of inFamous 2 to going go-karting, she made today a pretty leisure-filled day, which was awesome.

But really, that’s not what Father’s Day is about anyway. Everything’s about Tiny Mr. Fella, and I can’t believe it’s my second Father’s Day as a dad.

He’s almost running. He walks really fast (and usually screams while doing it). Instead of only knowing words we’ve made an effort to teach him, he’s now mimicking things & discerning their meaning on his own (scary times!). He can tell us stuff, like when he has to go poo-poo or pee-pee, even though he’s not quite 100%, he’s getting much better.

He loves trucks. Loves ’em. He loves to play with toy trucks, he loves to look at books with trucks in them, and he loves to point them out as we’re driving around. It’s weird. Now, if I’m driving around on my own, if I pass a mail truck, it’s surprising that no one’s yelling out MAIL TRUCK!

He can walk up and down the stairs, as long as you lend him a ‘manos’, and we now go for walks around the block with Mobius, and they don’t quite take the hour that they used to.

He knows “hot” and “not hot”, though his understanding of them are a little skewed. He sometimes tries to drink milk & water out of two different sippy cups at the same time, which is… cumbersome.

He loves going to the zoo. He’d first gone to the zoo, back when he didn’t have much awareness of the animals. Then we taught him a bunch of them by pointing them out in his books. Now when he goes to the zoo, he knows a ton of the animals by name and can point them out.

His sign for turtle is pretty ridiculous. He cups one hand over an extended thumb (as you’re supposed to), but then goes “boop!” and the turtle explodes! Now when we go to see the turtles, I just as him, “Where’s the boop!?” and he makes the sign, laughs, and points to the turtle.

What a funny little kiddo.