Month: August 2010

Weekend Getaway

Had a nice afternoon/morning up in Napa – a friend of ours got us a gift certificate for a stay up there, and so we used it last night. It’s been a stressful handful of days, and so I’d pretty seriously considered not going, just because traveling, etc. was gonna be more trouble than it was worth.

Nope. Turns out to have been a good, laid-back time. We went to the Inn, had some random hors d’eouvres, then headed over to what was Taylor’s Automatic Refresher, and is now Gotts’ Roadside for dinner. I got the ahi poke tacos and a vanilla shake. The tacos were a touch too salty, but the shake was AWESOME. Ei-Nyung got a great korean pulled-pork sandwich and a raspberry smoothie (which was incredibly… smooth. I have no idea how they did that, but I suspected it might be replacing the sugar with glucose syrup or something), and some excellent sweet potato fries.

I realize it’s a burger joint, so next time, I’ll get the burger. But it was good anyway, and it was a really nice place to go with the kid. We sat outside in the sun, and he got to see a lot of people.

Headed back & spent the rest of the evening just hanging out.

In the morning, Ei-Nyung had taken care of the kiddo for a while, so when she handed him off, I went out to the breakfast area, made a waffle, and ate it with him. Got a little bit of coffee, and wandered around for a bit.

Hung out the rest of the morning, went back to breakfast with Ei-Nyung, then packed up and headed to Bouchon for lunch. At Bouchon, I got the tartine, which turned out to be a steak & blue cheese open-faced sandwich with fries. Best fries I’ve had maybe ever, but one thing it did confirm is that I’m just not a blue cheese guy.

Ei-Nyung got the tuna tartare (weird repetition here), which was quite good, a side order of beets (best beets I’ve ever had, but still tasted of dirt), and a French onion soup, which was delicious.

We then headed over to the bakery, where we grabbed an epi, some macarons, and a pot de creme. Walked around Yountville a bit, then headed home.

Was it as restful as I’d have liked? No, not by a longshot, but it was fun to get out and about with the kiddo. And now, time to sleep. 🙂