Month: July 2010


Went down to LA for K&N’s wedding on Sunday. J stayed with Ei-Nyung’s mom & little brother for the 24 hours we were gone, and they took great care of him.

It was great to see the two of those suckers get married. Took ’em long enough, but obviously, we couldn’t be happier for them. It was a great, really laid back and personal ceremony. It was a great time, and I just wanted to mark it so that if I go back & read this blog 10 years later, I’ll remember.

Home Ownership…

So, I was talking with my carpool on the ride home about the benefits of owning vs. renting – or rather, the lack thereof, and that in many ways, if I could go back to me-in-2001, even knowing that this house has been a relative bargain, I think I’d talk myself out of purchasing anything, and instead have just remained a renter.

But that said, there are periodically some upsides. Mobius, for one – we wouldn’t have (in good conscience, anyway) have been able to get a dog without having a sizable yard. We could have rented a home just as well, I suppose, but knowing we had this space made having Mobius a lot easier.

Second, I took a bath in the ofuro – it’d be a rare rental that has a deep Japanese-style bath. Yeah, it’s a small thing, but one of those moments where I realize that this isn’t just any house, it’s *our* house.

Most of the wacky things you can do to customize a house are just incredibly expensive, which makes the prospect of owning a home less interesting, because even though you *can* do all manner of stuff, we have neither the time nor the money to do the things we’d love to do – we just keep fixing things that are busted.

But then again, there are parts of the house that we had a personal hand in designing or building, and in the end, yeah – it’s a nice feeling. Worth the cost of ownership? Who can say, really?