Month: June 2010


Well… things have been busy. Lots of weddings! A&K’s wedding in SD, and P&C’s wedding in Grass Valley… in both cases, couldn’t be happier for the bride & groom, and got to see friends I don’t normally get to see, but whose company I really enjoy. So that’s been awesome. And so there’s a month until K&N’s wedding, and the brief respite would be greatly appreciated, as I could use a weekend of pretty much nothing… but it’s not to be.

Work’s got a lot coming up. In the next week, we’re likely to launch on another platform (Android!), and start an open beta test of our newest game. If you’re interested in checking it out, just drop me an e-mail. So things have been hectic, but largely positive on that front. I love it when a team works well, and though I find that I’m a pretty inept manager, we’ve got a really good group of people. Seeing them firing on all cylinders is a joy to behold. 🙂

Chicken face

I have no idea where the little guy picked up the chicken face. He did it pretty regularly for a few days, then has mostly stopped. What a funny little weirdo. He’s getting old, already! More than eight months have passed since he popped out, and wow – it’s hard to imagine life without him. He’s getting bigger, he sits up on his own, he tries to crawl about (though while he’s using his legs more or less correctly, he’s trying to support his upper body on his face, which isn’t working out as well), and he’s been eating a wide variety of foods.

He’s got something like seven, maybe eight teeth poking through his gums already! Yeesh. He’s also (finally, I think) responding regularly to his name. For a long time, even to him, we just called him “bebeh”, so I think he might not have glommed on to the fact that he has a name as early as we might have hoped. Ah, well. That’ll work out in the end.

One thing that’s also really, really nice, and this may be TMI for peeps without kids, but at least while at home, he hasn’t pooped in a diaper in weeks! He goes into the toilet when we give him the opportunity, and as a result, I haven’t changed a poop-filled diaper in … man, maybe close to a month. Supposedly, this may change for the worse at some point, but for now, AWESOME.

Seth’s here for the summer, as he’s been for the last few years. It’s really nice having him around, actually. He’s useful, entertaining, and we’ve put him to work for us. Literally. It’s great.

So, yeah – that’s more or less how things are going. Been trying to keep doing p90X when I can, but things have been busy/stressful enough that it’s been hard to keep up with it regularly. Ei-Nyung’s supposedly going to hop on the bandwagon when her work tapers off a bit, so we’ll make a solid push then to not skip anything.

*whew*. Good times.

Oh, yeah – anyone remember this?