Month: March 2010




What’s up? Lots is up, is what.

Jin’s started daycare, for one. We’re doing a transition week, where he ramps up slowly to “full time” – for us, it’s going to be 9-4, four days a week. Should be interesting. It’s the same place that S&H’s kid goes, and they gave it a really extraordinary recommendation, so of the options we investigated, in the end, it seemed like the best one to go with. Stressful, juggling work and kid, but he’s doing well, he’s happy, and all is good.

Speaking of the little tyrant, he got his first two teeth! The bottom two center teeth have come in, already! Early. Just when he crossed the four-month mark. So he’s sleeping a little erratically due to the pain of teething, but he chomps away on his fingers and his toys, and it seems to give him some relief.

The funniest thing, so far, is that he LOVES bathtime. Loves it. He gets really excited when the bathtub’s filling up, he loves spending time in the tub, and he’s sad when it’s all over. Hilarious. I can’t wait for him to get into the pool. Should be fun. We’ll have to wait ’till spring, though.

The other thing is that I’ve been doing P90X – it’s basically a daily 60-90 minute workout routine. You might have seen infomercials for it. 😛 A couple friends swear by it, and I was definitely getting a bit blobby, so I figured I’d get it, so that if I had the time to do it, there’d be one less hurdle in the way. Of course, once it arrived, I just wanted to jump in.

Since Jin’s going to sleep at between 9-10, I figured I could carve out 90 minutes every day after that. So, most days, I’ve been working out, washing up and going to sleep. While sometimes that means I’m a little wired at bedtime, the benefit is that I sleep like the dead, and it’s a little easier to wake up in the morning.

I’m now a week and two days in, which means I’m 10% done. Feeling better, and starting to see the barest hint of results, but definitely feeling it, so it’s great motivation to stick with it. If all goes well, Ei-Nyung’s gonna join me for Yoga on Tuesday, which should be fun. I’ll post before & 30-day pics at the 30 day mark.

Jin’s so funny. He’s just a great kid. He’s one of the happiest, most easygoing kids I’ve ever seen, and his smile is just infectious. 🙂 What a little weirdo.