Month: February 2010

…and on the baby front…

…things are going great! The kid’s… hilarious. I love hearing him laugh, and he laughs about a lot of things. Ei-Nyung brought him in to work today, and he met all of our co-workers, which was pretty cool.

We got stuck in traffic on the way back, to the tune of a two hour commute. Poor guy got really, really upset. But once we got home, all was well. Hung out with a friend who was in from out of town, and got some Indian food. Ate, chatted, and then the little chum went to sleep.

Some nights, he goes to sleep with the Sleep Sheep, to the sound of white noise. Some nights, he goes to sleep with a medley of classical music – stuff I clearly must have been put to sleep with as a kid, because listening to it for five minutes knocks me out.

Lots of fun stuff going on at work. Wish I could talk about it, but it’s going to be astonishing. 🙂


So, I took the P90X fit test today, with the plan to start doing the workouts by Saturday, at the latest, depending on the kid’s schedule. It seems like we’re consistently able to carve out a couple hours in the evening after the kiddo goes to sleep, so even though I’m definitely not used to working out at 10pm, if that’s what I’ve got, it’s what I’ve got.

The before pics are scary, to me. It’s weird how different I think I look in photos versus how I look in the mirror. I think when you see yourself every day in a mirror, it’s easy to convince yourself you look better than you do – and I already thought I was out of shape.

I remember a few years ago, back when Klay & I were doing the weightloss challenge, that I thought 213 was great – and for then, it was. I was down from 233. With changes in diet, I was able to drop the weight quickly, but because I didn’t develop good *habits*, I slowly put it back on again – where Klay had more discipline, and kept it off (and even hit a better goal). It’s been what, three years? Four years? Clearly, though I won the contest, I lost the challenge.

So this time, I’m taking a different approach. Yeah, P90X is an infomercial product. But I’ve got at least three people who swear by it, and since they’re people I trust, I figured I’d give it a shot. I miss doing some sort of exercise, but without a structured regimen, I’m useless. I’m also useless if I have to go out of the house to get said exercise, so honestly, P90X seems like the perfect fit. But I need to be more committed to it than I was to stuff like EA Sports Active (which I never felt was challenging *enough* to really feel like a solid workout).

Just as an aside, the biggest problem with EA Sports Active and Wii Fit is that the hardware isn’t up to the task. While the Wii Balance Board is an entertaining input device, it requires too much time-intensive calibration, and it can’t stand up to a solid beating, which is what a piece of workout gear needs to be able to do. It forces you to slow down the workout and be gentle about everything, and frankly, that’s not what I want.

Everyone I know who’s done P90X has the same thing to say – that the results are the primary motivator. You keep doing it because you feel better, and because you look better.

I suppose I’m gonna find out soon.


Lessee… What’ve we been up to? Jin had his 100th day celebration. There was much food and many friends, and everything was awesome.

Work’s going well – busy, but good. Productive. Some weird twists and turns on the new game that we’re making – mostly conceptual – but I think it’s going to be really strong. If we can pull it off, it’ll be epic.

Jin’s well. Healthy, happy – 95th percentile for height, 75th for weight. So he’s a skinny little bugger (despite his chipmunk cheeks), but well within normal parameters.

We’re now putting him to sleep in a crib that sits next to the bed. I was apparently waking him up a lot in my sleep. We’ve also gone back to swaddling him, since one of the reasons he wakes up the most is he keeps punching himself in his sleep.

He slept a pretty long uninterrupted stretch last night, and so tonight, hopefully he’ll do the same, and we’ll be able to get some solid sleep.

Been playing a game called Chime, which has actually dragged me away from Mass Effect 2 – it’s a music puzzler – a mix of Tetris & Lumines – that’s surprisingly addictive. The interaction with the music’s excellent, the puzzle mechanics are great, and it’s only $5. Better still, $3 of your purchase goes to charity.

And while I’m directing you to buy stuff, you should also pick up the This American Life iPhone app. For $3, you get streams of every show ever, and a whole bunch of extras and ways to search the content. It goes to support the show, so if you’ve ever listened to it, just get the damned thing already. Also – Ira Glass is apparently Phillip Glass’s cousin. Which provides the thematic connection, as Phillip Glass’s music is in Chime.