What’s up? Not much, really. Work chugs along. Bebeh chugs along. Trying to get him on more of a schedule, but he’s all over the place. Most nights asleep by 10:30. I keep wanting a little “me” time, which keeps me up ’till midnight, which means 12-7’s all the sleep I get (he wakes up at 7 regardless of when he goes to sleep, it seems).

I’ve gotta train myself out of it, and just go to sleep when he does. Will come with time.

Been trying to eat breakfast every day. Alton Brown had a thing where he was making smoothies in the morning, and it sounded good, so I’ve been doing that, and it is good. Definitely getting something in the stomach first thing in the morning is good, but like going to sleep, something that’s taking some practice. So far, mango/peach/blueberry/pomegranate = the best combo. Tried blackberries, but too many seeds.

We’ve had raid of biblical proportions, and the downstairs is, thankfully, holding up a-ok. There’s one leak in the garage, but something that the contractor’s going to fix up. The crack in the upstairs window is also a problem, but a fixable, known, minor one.

Been watching Friday Night Lights. Great show. I’m not much for football, but it does remind me that there were a lot of moments in swimming/water polo where I really enjoyed competing with a team. Not a lot of time for that with bebeh around, but I wonder if I’d be able to get something like that at some point in the future…

Hrm. Anything else up? Been playing Army of Two: The 40th Day, which is a huge improvement over the first game. Looking forward to Mass Effect 2, but the chances that I’ll have time to play it any time soon? Zero.


Anyway – things are good! The bebeh is awesome.

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