Busy Busy.

So, of course, things have been busy. The kid eats up a lot of time, and while I’d hoped to do a couple things this weekend, it was all a combination of kid & kid-related stuff.

We’d gotten a changing table from Ikea, but it became really clear that what we really needed were some things to store his clothes in. We’ve got a TON of clothes for the little guy, almost entirely gifts from friends and hand-me-downs, but given that we’re terrible at organizing our OWN clothes, trying to organize a bunch of baby clothes without a structured storage solution wasn’t working out so much.

So, picked up two dresser things from Ikea, assembled them, and organized a bunch of crap today. I think it’s a big improvement.

We’re also trying to use G Diapers during the day – the disposable inserts are biodegradable, and there are cloth inserts that you can also use (we have 12, which is not enough – probably need ~24 to be useful…).

The house is undergoing a pretty radical change. Our previous contractor’s incompetence has required us to basically completely tear off the front of the house and rebuild it, replacing all the rotten wood and reconstructing everything from the shear on up. Not a good time. Not good on the pocket book. That said, when it’s all said and done, the house is going to look AWESOME from the front.

Things at work are going well. We’ve got what I think is a really exciting new concept we’re working on, and Word Ace & Card Ace are getting some really important new features.

We printed up physical decks of Word Ace cards, which have almost completely sold out in less than two weeks. Fantastic, but a LOT of work getting them all shipped out.

Good times!

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