HI: Day 2

Excited after an awesome 1st day in Hawaii, we took up some of our friends’ suggestions, and tooled around the island. Started the day at Boots & Kinos, whose macadamia nut pancakes are *ridiculous*. Their fried rice was also spectacular.

Went back to the pad for a couple minutes, then off to officially check in at the property rental spot. Once all the bureaucracy was taken care of, off to Three Tables on the north shore!

On the way there, we stopped at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, which was tasty, though honestly, not super remarkable.

Then we headed to Three Tables, which was awesome. Had a great couple hours snorkeling, swimming with the fishies, and otherwise lounging around and getting mad sunburned.

And there’s where the fun ended.

We got back to our car, popped the trunk, and found our bag was gone. Our bag. With our camera, our e-readers, our phones, our sunglasses, my prescription glasses, and my wallet. And probably more stuff, but that was all I could remember. My pants. My only good belt. Ei-Nyung’s clothes.

Motherfuckers stole my fucking prescription glasses, those worthless fucks. Christ.

It’s times like this where I’m glad there are laws to protect the criminals, because if I’d seen one of these worthless meatbags with my stuff, I wouldn’t have hesitated in running them over, then backing up, and then getting out of the car and kicking their mangled fucking corpse.

I know you’ll never see this, but: fuck you. I hope my phone battery explodes and you and your whole family die in a fucking fire.

That said, we handled it alright. Called the cops on a kind stranger’s phone, filed a report, went back to the pad, canceled our cards, suspended our phones, and that was that. I’ve got a piece of paper that I can supposedly use to get on the flight home next week as well.

I’m trying not to be like, “Great. That’s that. Fuck this place, I’m outta here.” Because this IS our last vacation before the kid. Everyone ELSE here has been spectacular. The place is freaking paradise. I don’t want this to ruin the vacation, and I think it won’t, but it’s not going to ever have that same idyllic feeling that the trip to Tulum had.

We swung by the local AT&T store a town away and got new phones, ’cause frankly, those were the things whose (aside from my wallet) utility we were going to miss the most.

So… yeah. Tomorrow, we start again. Maybe go to the beach, ignore the mad sunburn on my back from snorkeling, and try not to think thoughts of strangling worthless thieves in the beautiful ocean.


  1. Holly says:

    So sorry that happened to you, especially on vacation. So surprising that they took it from the trunk, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that happening to someone I know before. I hope you are able to roll past it and enjoy the rest of your vacation in paradise.

  2. helava says:

    Total damage in stolen goods: $3,500

    The worst part, IMO: the camera was a wedding present from good friends, the kindle & sony reader were presents from me to Ei-Nyung for birthdays. Yeah, it’s just stuff, but it was a LOT of stuff.

    In retrospect, of course, fantastically stupid to a.) have brought it with us, and b.) have left it in the car.

    We had no intention of going snorkeling. It was only upon arriving at Three Tables that we decided to go, just because it looked so amazing. And it was a really, really incredible experience. If it weren’t for the robbery, it would have been hands-down the best thing we did all vacation.

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