Weirdly Restless

So… I got a job doing some contract design with Ei-Nyung’s company. It’s a weird time, because I’ve got some really distinct work to do at a time where NOBODY – and I mean NOBODY is hiring. So that’s pretty awesome. It’s definitely weird, though, because I feel suddenly un-confident. Like the last five years of experience don’t matter, or my opinion is really meaningless and weird.

I think one of the weird thing is that in games, game design is a skill that gets built up, and it depends on a lot of nuance that is really meaningful to people who are really familiar with games. Without the nuance, everything is really … obvious, and apparently simple. So it’ll be weird to see whether I can communicate the nuance to non-gamers in a non-console-game medium. It’ll be a nice challenge. We’ll see how well it goes.

Still, the thing that’s weird is that I’d gotten myself psyched up for some free time, where I could work on the house and write the book I was working on – where now, I’ve been running a lot of errands and now working, and I don’t have any time for any of the other stuff. So it’s weird. Makes me a little restless, ’cause I wanted some time off, now it’s gone. But employment is good – in this market, it’s stellar. If I had to work through Christmas and New Years, that’s totally fine.

Got some details to clarify with the company over the next few days, so that I’m a little clearer on the direction I should be taking, but otherwise, it’s good. Things are good. Life is good. Got no complaints.

Well, the weather sucks. 😉

On a different note, 1.) our net connection is a mess, currently. 2.) The new PS3’s actually pretty sweet. Haven’t watched anything on Blu-Ray yet, but Ratchet and Clank is awesome, Resistance 2 is prettty nice, and Valkyria Chronicles is stunning. The lack of consistency across games sucks, since Sony didn’t institute clear standards before releasing their hardware. Definitely a reminder of what MS did *really well* over the 360’s lifespan. Live and the 360’s exclusives wipe the floor with the PS3, though – Sony’s going to have to release a LOT of insanely good exclusive content if they want to have any hope of recovering from a distant 3rd place in this generation…

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  1. Christy Says:

    Hey, congratulations!
    Whoo-hoo for successful employment.

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