Gave my “Intro to Game Design” presentation today. Only about 10 people showed up, but given our current circumstances, I was glad that many people were interested. Response was really good – as good as I could have hoped for. People were positive, they were surprised, and I think it gave them a better insight into how designers think. Or should think, at any rate.

The image at the top is basically the summary of the whole thing. At the size it’s at, I don’t expect that it actually is legible, but I’d be happy to run anyone through the presentation if they’ve got the 45 minutes it takes. 🙂

On a totally different note, despite finally buckling down on the financial side of things and seriously looking at restricting our spending, Ei-Nyung got us the Omega Pedal – a Pearl drum pedal modified to work with Rock Band. It’s AWESOME. Just like the ION kit is a totally different experience than the standard kit, the Omega pedal is as sizable step up from the ION pedal as the ION drums are from the standard pads.

Crazy stuff.

Also – played online with my cousin for the first time ever (hey, cuz) via the Wii & Mario Kart. God, that game drives me batshit crazy sometimes, but it was fun to see him zoom past at the beginning of the race… after which I’d never see him again…

Really does emphasize how good a job Microsoft did with Xbox Live. Nothing else comes even remotely close. The Wii implementation is so geared toward paranoid safety that it strips away 90% of the fun. And I don’t mean just the racism and rampant homophobia. Still, great to see him online. Here’s to more!

re: the talk – I’m contemplating trying to submit a proposal to GDC for 2009. I dunno if it’s too late or not, or honestly, if I’d even have the stones to do it. I am, however, writing a book about it. 😀

4 Responses to “Presentationed!”

  1. eingy Says:

    Too late for 2009, but you can get ready for 2010.

  2. eingy Says:

    I am excited to try the drum. 😀

    I hope you get to give the talk again soon!

  3. Perlick Says:

    I’m definitely interested in hearing the presentation at some point.

    And if the drum pedal is the one that Wes has, I agree that it’s super awesome.

  4. s Says:

    Sounds like I need this pedal!

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