So… I was really nervous today there’d be massive layoffs, and there weren’t. But there was essentially worse news – that if deals aren’t signed by the 15th, the whole company dissolves. As a result, basically, they said people should start looking for new work. The end result, while honest and forthright, and renewed my respect for Julian, had the effect of basically everyong going into, “Well, it’s over,” mode. Which is probably the right thing to happen, but it’s depressing all the same…

Guess it’s time to start looking. One interesting possibility is that a handful of other laid off workers, if it comes to that, might scramble to build a quick XBLA game. Which could be pretty awesome, though… who knows. It’s just a bit depressing.

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  1. Perlick Says:

    Dude, I’m really sorry to hear that. Good luck on finding a new opportunity – I’ll keep my ears open.

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