Gears of War 2: Horde mode = big fun. Can’t wait for Left 4 Dead. Campaign is longer, graphics are much more impressive, and all in all, exactly what I wanted from Gears 2. Hopefully the multiplayer will have legs, but currently, the matchmaking system is SLOW. 360 RROD’d on Friday, so I borrowed a console from work over the weekend. Still, means I’ll be console-less for Mirror’s Edge, which comes out Tuesday. *sigh*

Belgian Liege Waffles with Maple & Bacon: I made Liege waffles a while back, with sugar blobs that would melt and caramelize in the waffle itself. I thought, “Man, these would make awesome bacon waffles,” and made some maple candy from syrup last night, busted it up this morning, cooked up 10 strips of bacon, and made the yeast dough. All told, the process was about an hour and some (plus rising time for the dough), but the end results were pretty awesome. The bacon was subtle, the syrup was not, but the combination was pretty excellent. Froze the leftovers for breakfast during the week. They’ll probably make TERRIBLE toaster waffles, though, ’cause the syrup will leak out and get all over everything. TOTALLY worth it. 😀

Anti-Prop-8 rally in Sacramento:
We drove up to the protest in Sac, and it was worthwhile, and a good time. Lots of people, everyone really positive and hopeful despite a shitty situation, and while I dunno what sort of effect, if any, it’d have (I suspect basically none), it felt good to be out there with a lot of other people who wanted justice, freedom, and equality. Couldn’t be a bad crowd.

That said, the organization was sort of lame – schedule said 1-4. There were basically 3 hours of mostly unintelligible speeches, and their PA system was garbage. Some good speakers, when you could hear ’em.

We ended up getting lunch, and *almost* missed the actual march. Still, a great way to spend a day, and one I’ll remember for a long time.

NaNoWriMo: Good grief, I’m behind. Between the elections last week, and a surprise ton of writing work for work, I’ve only managed about 7,800 words so far. That’s where I was on day TWO the last time I did this successfully. Still, I’m not giving up. I finished the writing work for work last Friday, and since the 360 died, I’ll have more time in the evenings. I didn’t get a whole lot written this weekend (1K), but I was pretty happy with it, so I suppose that’s alright. Gotta remember to basically write whatever I’m interested in at the time, rather than trying to maintain any sort of continuity – that method worked the first two times, but it was more out of luck than anything else.

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