Doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Basically novelizing a story/setting I’ve been developing for a project at work (with some of my coworkers) – I figure even if this particular story isn’t perfect, spending a lot of time in the characters’ heads will help me think about it better, and communicate it more clearly to the rest of the team.

Fun. Haven’t been blogging a whole lot recently, mostly because 1.) work’s gotten a lot busier, and 2.) Google Shared Items has so much content that almost anything I’d want to talk about, I end up simply sharing there and commenting on it in that interface.

Played a couple excellent games recently – Dead Space was awesome, and Civilization Revolution takes a really complex, PC-style strategy game and makes it accessible to console controls. Just downloaded the Mirror’s Edge demo (amazing) and the 2nd episode of the Penny Arcade game (more of the same, still good).

Whee! It’s been raining like crazy. Windows still leak, but it looks like they’re at least getting (somewhat) better. We shall see.

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