Dear Barack:

What you should be doing is campaigning like you’re campaigning for *yourself*. Don’t let your handlers dictate your every move, and come up with some “safe” strategy that will appeal to everyone.

You know what people want? They want you to go out there and kick the living shit out of McCain and his cronies. They want you to go and verbally tear them a new asshole because they’ve fucked the country for the last eight years and intend to do so as long as they can.

We need you to get out there and fight like you mean it. Fight like *YOU* would fight. With a fire in your belly like when Kerry gave his most recent speech at the DNC – a lively, impassioned, sincere speech – charismatic and full of intensity, and not like the shitty monotonous safe garbage he spewed in 2004. Give us Barack, as charming and engaging as Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth, or on Saturday Night Life in 2003, and not the droning, robotic, cardboard cutout from 2000.

Your “people” will tell you it’s risky, that you’ll drive people away, blah blah blah. Palin works because she gets the idiots fired up about idiotic bullshit. Eventually, yeah, she’ll hoist herself on her own petard, but it’s clear that she can lie to your face and the media won’t do shit about it.

YOU do shit about it. YOU get in her face. YOU take the fight to their doorstep, into their house, and knock them the fuck out. Do it on your terms, not theirs, and FUCK the people who are telling you to play it safe and slow.”

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