The last post on Republicans got me to thinking… what’s the point of having people like that around? I mean, evolutionarily speaking. I’m not talking about “social conservatives” – I get why that disposition would be helpful in the long run. I’m talking about the Bush-era conservatives. McCain supporters. The kinds of people who saw Palin’s speech and thought of it as a substantial discussion of policy, and the kind of thing that makes you a qualified leader.

The kinds of people who really need their Republican “daddies” to save them from the horrors of the world. The kinds of people who hear the Republicans talk about “small town values” and the “death tax” and don’t realize that they’re voting for policies that work explicitly *against* them.

Not people who are Conservative in any good sense, but the people who cheer bullies. The Starscreams of the world. What’s the point in having them around?

And it got me to thinking – maybe it’s just that they piss off the people who can actually *make* change. They get them so riled up that they have to eventually finally get off their lazy butts and do something.

I dunno. Frankly, that’s all I can think of. Starscream bitched and whined at Megatron whenever he sat back and rested on his laurels. Having the pressure of some total buffoon trying to seize power from you can be a good motivating force to get you to do something substantial to shut them the fuck up. But that still doesn’t seem right.

I just don’t know why they exist. Anyone have any ideas?

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