Strange Socialization

No, the picture’s not there for any particular reason, other than to just have a picture there.

Busy Saturday, but odd. Went to the Berkeley Kite Festival with Perlick (in from outta town for an interview), Colin and Jess. Had a great time watching some kite fighting, giant octopuses, and flying some kites of our own. Got a little sunburnt, which you can probably see as some rosy-cheekedness in the picture.

Then tonight, based on a text message I got in the morning, I went to a party at some high-school classmates’ house. People I haven’t seen in maybe six or seven years. At the party, sort of randomly, there were HUGE number of people I went to high school with. Some were personal friends, some were people I almost never talked to. Anne Hege, Jenessa Joffe, Madu Miller, Gabi Condi, Etienne Fang, Camilla Kardel, Soon Sohn, and Lara Moren. It was a bit odd – some of the people are always great to see – Jenessa, Anne, Etienne, with others, it was odd. Camilla clearly had no recollection of who I was, which is, frankly, probably for the best. We didn’t get along particularly well in eighth grade, but hell, that’s a lifetime ago.

Anyway – spent most of the evening talking with Jenessa and Anne, and had a great time. Strange how people bounce in and out of your life sporadically sometimes.

Last night, I made some cold-brewed coffee. Just took a bunch of coarsely ground coffee and dumped it into a pot with a bunch of water and let it sit for 12 hours. It’s supposed to have a strong coffee punch with less harshness and acidity, and sure enough, it did the trick. Tomorrow, I’m gonna jog out, get some cream, and make granita di caffe, which certainly *sounds* good. We’ll see if I can pull it off.

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  1. h Says:

    ooh, cold ground coffee sounds good.

    I put you and Ei-Nyung into the category of people, for me, who “bounce in and out of your life.” Glad you’re in it now.

  2. Seppo Says:

    The granita di caffe was, in fact, awesome. I made the whipped cream with a little sugar and vanilla, since the straight unsweetened cream tasted a little flat. I could definitely see how you could eat this hundreds of times and not get sick of it, but what I’m curious about is how the granita holds up the next day. It seems like the kind of thing that you really have to eat when you’ve got it.

    On the plus side, in the worst case, you break off a chunk of the frozen coffee, let it thaw a bit, pour on some cream, and you’ve got the best iced coffee ever.

  3. Perlick Says:

    A friend of mine just twittered about how social software makes it easier to keep track of acquaintances. What’s funny for me is that I basically have been keeping up my Bay Area social life while living in New York – I’m visiting just often enough and being social enough when I’m there that I see people almost as often as I did when I lived there with a couple exceptions.

    What’s also interesting to me because I’m a big geek is how we can present different aspects of ourselves to these people wandering in and out of our lives. To the casual acquaintance, I would present a more coherent shorthand version of myself (e.g. “project manager at a software company”), whereas you see a fleshed-out version with more doubts. Managing this multiple presentation of self is one of the reasons I adore LiveJournal because I can easily set up different groups. Man, I should blog this. 🙂

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