Three Things

1.) I like Apple’s customer service. They recently replaced the entire keyboard pan on my MacBook because the front lip cracked. Obviously, it’d be better if the lip hadn’t cracked, but the process was as painless and free as it should have been, and I’d be hard pressed to find a computer company whose customer service is nearly as good.

2.) I’m out of luck, re: iPhone 3G until the end of November. The cheap, refurb Nokia e62 I got early last year has made it such that a new 3G would cost either $399 or $499. Sucks. I could conceivably cut off my account now, pay the early termination fee (about $110 at this point) and get it a touch cheaper, but that’d be a huge pain, and still $110 I wouldn’t really want to spend. I guess I’ll wait ’till November. Sucks.

3.) Tesla Motors had a grand opening for their Palo Alto store, and we were able to go thanks to Ei-Nyung’s connection. Got to sit in the car, look all around, but not a lot more than that. Still, really interesting. They had all sorts of varieties, from the clay shape model to a series of semi-complete test mules in all stages. Some of the cars were much more polished, and “consumer-ready.” It’s a beautiful car, no doubt. Like a Lotus Elise, but more elegant, and less busy. I fit nicely in it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit nicely in our budget. Alas. Still, I doubt that we’ve been in a single gathering of more millionaires and billionaires at any one time. Elon Musk was there, and the new CEO of Tesla, Ze’ev Drori, is a really recognizable guy. Didn’t talk to a lot of people, ’cause I tend to clam up at events like this, but I did chat with one engineer about Tesla’s plans for the future, and he had some interesting things to say. Good times.

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  1. Andre Alforque Says:

    Yeah. My coworker got his Apple earbuds replaced when one ear was clonking out. Had to stand in line for 20 minutes at the Genius Bar, though.

  2. ei-nyung Says:

    The guy at the genuis bar actually made me cry. Like sobbing, gulping crying.

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