Fight With Tools

Saw Flobots tonight at Slims, with Doomtree and Bus Driver as opening acts. It’s the first time I’ve been to Slims for a show since high school, making it almost half a lifetime ago.

The place is still the same – the crowd is still the same – the only difference is that there’s less jumping around, moshing, crowd-surfing, etc. It’s probably a more pleasant experience, but a little less lively.

We came in in the middle of Bus Driver’s set – it was fast hiphop – excessively so. Unintelligible, meaningless, and one song was basically indistinguishable from the next. Not my thing. Doomtree was up next, and I’d never heard of them, but they started things off right, and at the end of their set, I’d bought two of their CD’s.

Flobots was awesome (is that grammatically correct?). They were sharp, musically, and had a lot of stage presence. They both sounded like their album, and added more to the show. Clever, engaging, and funny. Definitely recommended. For me, I’m not used to standing around for five hours at a stretch anymore – my knees hurt, and my back’s shot. Good times.

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