Crazy weekend. Saturday morning, some friends came over, and we cleared out the bulk of the garage, then we grilled up a whole mess of veggies on the gas grill. Then, I went and ran a bunch of errands, spent a good chunk of the afternoon sorting out stuff from the garage, and took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. Had a random assortment of foods for dinner, and watched a couple episodes of Battlestar.

Sunday, played some Condemned (the first one – trying to get through it so I can start the second) hung out with Unknown & his fiancee, then came home, spent some time in the back yard tidying up the path in the back, went to dinner at some other friends’ place (make-your-own sushi with some homemade strawberry sorbet we brought), then I came home and from the end of dinner ’till midnight, put everything back into the garage. I’ve gotta re-hang the bikes (unfortunately, they didn’t mark where the old holes in the joists were, so I’m a little worried it’s gonna actually be pretty tricky…), but once I do that, we’ll actually have a LOT of space in the garage for the first time in many years.

I’m beat, though.

Insane week, though, progress-wise:

1.) The stairs are now completely rebuilt
2.) The garage has been drywalled (though not “finished pretty” – it’s “finished technically complete)
3.) The garage has been sorted and reorganized, with two full carloads of stuff getting donated to the local Goodwill
4.) The front and back yards have been cut back to a manageable state by some AWESOME gardeners, who did astonishing work for an incredible price. If you’re looking for someone to do some gardening work – even hardcore, intense manual labor-related garden work, give me a shout, I’ll gladly forward on contact info.
5.) As an early b-day gift for Ei-Nyung (part of her total b-day gift), we got a Char-Broil gas grill. It’s encouraged us to eat a radically increased amount of vegetables, as grilled veggies are DELICIOUS.

While I’ll be a little tense until the inspections happen (about two weeks from now, due to various scheduling issues), this whole kitchen/stairs/garage stage of the remodel has been pretty damn substantial, and goes a HUGE way towards making the house feel more finished.

I’ll post pictures sometime in the next few days – I’ve got photos from three weddings and home repairs to get off the camera and onto Flickr.

Crazy weekend.

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