Kickin’ It Old-Skool

While cleaning out the garage for the impending drywall, I happened across both the player, and the parallel port connector for my Rio PMP300. Ei-Nyung got me for this way back in the day. With its whopping 32 megabytes of storage, it could hold 10 or more songs at a time!


I also found our old Creative Nomad players as well, before we hopped on the iPod bandwagon.

As much nostalgia as the PMP300 has for me, though, and as nice as the Nomad was for the time (and a much better value than the iPod for the storage), the iPod kicks the living crap out of them, UI-wise. And the UI makes such a huge difference in this case that it was absolutely worth the switch.

Still, looks like the PMP300 is still fully functional. I could either use it, or get a whopping 0.99$ for it on eBay. w00t!


  1. ei-nyung says:

    I’d like to keep the Rio please! It was actually from my work — it was when remarQ started doing mp3 searching (and combining multiparts) for usenet. They gave them out as a big company present, but it was the nicest thing I could give you at the time. It represents a crazy era in my career, so I’d like to hang on to it. 🙂

  2. Seppo says:

    Oh, I had no actual intention of selling it. Just was curious what they run on eBay – whether it was largely worthless because technology’s far outpaced it, or whether it was valuable because it was a piece of vanguard tech.

    I’d keep it just for sentimental value, all the same. 🙂

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