McCain Faults Bush Response to Gulf Storm

Articles like this one have been all over the intarwebs the last few days. I’m just curious why headlines aren’t more like, “McCain Says the Blatantly Obvious Three Years Too Late” or “McCain Speaks Truth to Power at Utterly Irrelevant Time.” Why the fuck does it MATTER that McCain’s criticizing the Bush administration? It’s conventional wisdom at this point that the response to Katrina was about as terrible as it could possibly be – McCain’s not “criticizing the Bush administration,” he’s saying things everyone already knows to be true.

Yet the press spins away.


2 Responses to “McCain Faults Bush Response to Gulf Storm”

  1. Joseph Says:

    He has to do something to draw attention to himself while Hillary and Barrack spend bags of cash and sling piles of shite at one another. He’s almost the third person on a date.

  2. Andre Alforque Says:

    It’s just like the pundits trying to associate Barrack to radicals. Long live democracy. yay.

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