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Oh – one other thing – having now spent some time with the iPod Touch – it’s an incredible piece of hardware. While it’s missing some of the functionality of the iPhone, the thinness it achieves as a result actually makes it feel really, really different. While the iPhone’s sort of chunky, this thing feels like a really … futuristic thing. I mean, what it really feels like is nothing. It’s just a screen – yet it’s also an iPod, plays video, surfs the web (in a remarkably useful fashion), tells me how to get places, allows me to read e-mail, blah blah blah.

More than just a really neat phone, or a really neat iPod, Apple’s onto something that feels like it could really be the future of computing. For what 90+% of what I need to do, if all I had was the Touch or an iPhone, I could do exactly that. The only limiting factor is the physical size of the screen, and the speed at which I could type on the thing.

I can’t say I have any good ideas about how to resolve those issues, but when they are resolved, which they obviously will be, this actually feels like it’ll be the future of computing.

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  1. perlick Says:

    I’m waiting for the iPhone to add a USB jack and mini-DVI out so that I can plug in a keyboard and a monitor. Then it’ll be the laptop replacement I’ve been waiting years for.

  2. h Says:

    Who needs a USB jack: it has bluetooth. 🙂 The mini-DVI out is a must for the screen, though.

    Seppo, I’m glad to hear you say that the Touch is adequate for most of your home computing needs. I’ve floated the idea of replacing my PowerBook with an iPhone when the time comes, and using my stationary Mac Mini (which is just the home theater right now) for my few real-sized-computer needs.

    That said, typing this comment up on a full sized keyboard instead of with my thumbs is prety nice. 🙂

    (kapcha needed on a private blog?)

  3. Alan Says:

    I don’t know about the screen, maybe VR goggles? There are keyboard options out there: http://www.virtual-laser-keyboard.com/

  4. ei-nyung Says:

    That iPhone in the pic is so huge! That’s what I want: a wall-sized phone.

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