Monday Monday Monday!

Crazy day today. Took care of a bunch of errands, made a good double-batch of buta kakuni, had friends over for shabu-shabu & Rock Band, took Mobius to the beach, and made some headway cleaning up the spare room.

Of course, I also ended up falling asleep in the hammock in the mid-afternoon and as a result burned the living crap out of some balsamic I was reducing, but other than that, hey. Not too bad.

Played around with the iPod Touch that Ei-Nyung got for me for my birthday. It’s pretty incredible – so much functionality in such a tiny device. One interesting thing is that a couple of my friends have been working on porting Aura, our GBA game from a couple years back, to the iPhone, now that the SDK is out.

Kick ass!

2 Responses to “Monday Monday Monday!”

  1. ei-nyung Says:

    I am sorry it’s not the iPhone. 🙁

  2. Christy Says:

    And the food was excellent.
    I could have drunk the rest of the broth from the ribs with a straw…

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