So, all the appliances are here, sitting in our living room. The stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator all arrived intact. I was really worried that in the process of delivery, things would get bashed up. Given how messed up a lot of the stuff at the Sears Outlet was, it seemed like a lot of damage was quite realistically possible, and since we got almost all floor models, if they got bashed in, it wasn’t as simple as, “Okay, fine – please bring another.”

Fortunately, everything came through a-ok. The range IS a big upgrade over the old stove. The old stove was wonderful – reliable, powerful – I had no complaints about it except the space on the stovetop. But the new one is CRAZY. It even has a built-in probe for cooking meat! You just plug the probe in on the inside of the stove, and it reads through the main stove interface.

The refrigerator does have “self-closing doors” to some respect – not in the same way the expensive LG model did, but if you close the door almost all the way, you have to overcome a spring latch that then closes the door the rest of the way. So it’s not just the standard seal that keeps the thing shut, which is nice. The dishwasher, which was a floor model, looks substantially better here than it did in the store. In the store, it had some “wobble” in the stainless steel front, but in our house lights, that irregularity is imperceptible.

I’m really excited. Tomorrow, we’re going out to pick out tile and settle on a granite color, and grab some small light canisters to install above the sink.


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