Okay, well – it hasn’t REALLY begun yet. No one’s come and actually done anything seriously different to the kitchen. But Ei-Nyung and I have been moving the various bits and bobs that are movable from the kitchen into the “gym”, clearing it out for when these guys start going to town on Tuesday.

It’s pretty strange. As messed up as this kitchen has been, it’s been *our* kitchen for the last five years (in various incarnations – thanks to Colin for a number of improvements). Now, it’s about to be completely destroyed and rebuilt basically from the ground up.

I’m really, really excited, as is Ei-Nyung. The new design is so much better, from a usability perspective, that it’s hard to believe given the original shape of the kitchen that this isn’t what they did from the start. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it *is* what they did way back in the day, and it was only the bizarre ’70’s remodel that made it a completely ill-conceived, non-functional space.

The other thing that’s strange is that we have a stunning amount of useless shit in our kitchen.
Okay, you’ve been to our house, or you know us, so maybe that isn’t a huge surprise. But it’s not our fault! When you’ve got housemates, you tend to accumulate some random crap. Stuff we’d never, ever buy – like canned chicken. So, we’re clearing some of that stuff out as it goes out of the kitchen, and some of it will undoubtedly get cleared out as it comes back in.

The only appliances we’re replacing in this go-round are the microwave (changing from a standalone box to a micro-hood combo) and probably the fridge. While the dishwasher/stove don’t match each other, frankly, they’re both completely functional, and it seems a waste to replace them right away. The fridge is still functional, but we’d like a different form factor, and the nook it’ll be placed in is a different size than our current fridge. The dishwasher and stove, on the other hand, are the same size as future upgrades, so there’s no pressing “need” to upgrade now.

Man. Crazy stuff.

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  1. h Says:

    Hooray for ground breaking! I want to see some “during” pictures. 🙂

  2. ei-nyung Says:

    Definitely! Wow. I had missed a bunch of posts. Damn Google Reader for not being able to get private blog stuff.

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