It’s frustrating for me to read about the current campaign for President. McCain was on TV the other day, and he said that it’s going to be a nasty campaign because of the polarization between the parties. What he utterly fails to mention is that the current administration has created that polarization single-handedly. Post 9/11, the Democrats did everything possible to unite the country. In many respects, too much – they simply gave the President a blank check to do whatever he wanted to do, however ridiculous and stupid it was.

But now, because of Bush’s failed policies, because of his extremism, because of his complete and utter inability to adapt to changing circumstances (tax cuts for a surplus, tax cuts to create jobs, tax cuts for skin cancer, whatever), he’s created this polarized environment where to “support” the President, you have to apparently simply do whatever he asks, without debate, without review, or be labelled some sort of traitorous “divider.”

That’s such bullshit, I don’t even know where to start.

These maliciously extremist Republican fucks did this on their own. And now they have the fucking GALL to say that it’s a polarization that just “happened?” Fuck you, Bush. Fuck you and your administration. YOU did this, and you did it all on your fucking own.

So when your service record comes back to bite you, when the lack of WMD comes back to bite you, when your selling-out of Valerie Plame comes back to bite you, when your attempts to write discriminatory language into the Constitution comes back to bite you, when the ridiculous deficits you’ve incurred come back to bite you, when the brazen politicization of 9/11, and the war in Iraq come back to bite you, when the hundreds of Americans you’ve sent out in a needless, pointless war come back to bite you, remember this, asshole – you brought this on yourself.

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