Got a dog! Half Siberian Husky, half American Eskimo dog (or something like it), one year old. We named him Mobius. Wacky little guy. Definitely energetic, sheds a lot, and needs some training. But man! It’s crazy. Also, I start work tomorrow. That’s particularly weird, because I haven’t gone to a regular 5-day work week in something like … maybe 3/4 of a year, or so. It’s strange. But I think it’ll be good – it’s work I’m really interested in, and I think that’ll make the work interesting. Though I loved working with the people at Fox Group, it really wasn’t work that I was tremendously motivated to do. I love games, and I think that working in the gaming industry again will be something that’ll be both a lot of fun, and actually help with what I want to do as a career.

Fun. Nervous, definitely, but I’m looking forward to it.

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