Ah. Productive day, for the first time in ages. I cut out the hole I made in the downstairs drywall, and it turns out that it’s acutally not a bad thing that it broke the way it did, because it made it easy to put in a new outlet box, which is twice as wide. That’s a good thing because the wiring in the box was really, really crowded in a single-wide box. So that’s not too bad.

The physical details of the downstairs are being worked on, and it won’t be too long until the bedroom’s actually useable, which is nice. The electrician’s also talking to the original contractor about the electrical system, to try to figure out if it can be fixed, so that’s good, too. And some friends of mine are moving out to the Bay Area! Awesome!

So, things are … interesting. Moving forward, at least, which is a change from the last few weeks…

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