Month: January 2004

Oh, and in regards to the house – the small roof has been stripped and rebuilt, and I’m paying another $1400 to get the trim on the house stripped, patched, and re-sealed. Hopefully, that’ll stop the leak. Hard to say, though, but I guess it’s “guaranteed”, so if it rains and it leaks, they’ll be back to fix it again. I’m hopeful, but in a reserved sort of way. Electric system’ll be in by the end of the week. Parts to finish it (fixtures, smoke alarms, breakers) ended up costing almost $200. I’d rather have had a the Hoover Floormate for that sort of money, but I suppose a finished downstairs will be nice.

It’ll certainly be good to have more room for the Mystery Hunt. But that’s next weekend.

So, to answer a FAQ, no, we don’t have a date set yet. We have to wait until both of our finances stabilize, and that won’t be at least until mid-year, after I’ve (hopefully) gotten a job.

So, it might be a while until there’s a concrete date set. I wouldn’t expect uber-lavish festivities regardless, given the state of our finances, even in a best-case scenario. Still, my guess is early next year sometime, if I have to guess. Things, incidentally, are still going great. Sure, I’ve only been engaged for … what, eleven days or so? Twelve. Whatever. But I’ve known this girl now for more than five years. It’s nice to be able to look at her and see someone I’m happy to be with for the rest of my life, but it’s not a whole lot different, to be honest. 🙂

Contractors said they’d show up yesterday, but didn’t. Apparently, they got stuck in Sacramento. They’re supposed to show up today. Hopefully, it won’t take much destruction to get to the root of the problem – but there will be some tearing off of drywall. Be interesting to see if they can actually pinpoint where the problem is, and how much drywall they’re going to have to remove…

Three points in the upstairs show water in the floor when it rains heavily. An additional point downstairs leaks, though there’s no dampness in the floor upstairs. Curious.

We’ll see, I guess.

Yeah, the house business is definitely causing some serious lack-of-sleep. Took ’till about 3-4ish to fall asleep last night – just so stressed about the rain, and the house. Contractors are showing up sometime this afternoon to start really examining where the leak is coming from, which sadly, means ripping out some of the upstairs drywall, and thus, creating a huge fucking mess. Here’s to hoping it’s relatively simple & quick.

So, turns out both the little roof ledge AND the windows are leaking. While the roof ledge is a bigger problem, because it’s leaking like a madman, and ruining the drywall, it’s actually much easier to fix, because it’s pretty clear where the leak is coming from. At least, I think it is. The bigger problem is actually that the windows which were leaking last year are leaking again. This is potentially a HUGE problem, because it would mean essentially that the whole front of the house is leaking, and that the windows are going to be impossible to seal, and that the whole front of the house will have to be torn off and rebuilt. Again. You want to talk pain in the ass, there you have it. So, the problem is that though the contractor for the roof issue is a major flake, and getting him to do anything is going to be a royal pain, the friendlier contractors are going to have a hell of a job sealing the house up, which they guaranteed they’d do (though that should have been done by pain-in-the-ass contractor properly in the first place.


I can’t say I’m not pretty worried. I am pretty worried. This has the potential to be a pretty serious mess.

Got engaged on the first. Good stuff!

Yes, I realize that post is about as detailed as … a really non-detailed sentence. But that’s really all you need to know. If you haven’t seen me in the last six years, you might not know who she is, but if I haven’t talked to you in the last six years, you’re not really up on the news anyway, eh?

So I was wrong about the house not leaking. Little mini-roof by the dining room that is above the downstairs bedroom leaked. Wrecked the drywall, but more importantly, basically requires the mini-roof to be redone. Getting the contractor to actually do it, I would guess, is going to be a nightmare. Alas. Still, it’s a relatively trivial problem, so no worries, I suppose – just irritating, and time consuming.


Better news soon.