When frustrated, it is unwise to destroy things. This is a lesson I should have learned when I destroyed a PS2 controller a while back. It’s just not satisfying. I mean, it is satisfying, for a few moments, until you realize that the only thing you’ve done is then destroyed something that wasn’t likely the root of the problem anyway.

So, the electrical system in the downstairs is fucked. It just doesn’t work. The kitchen lights? Fine. The bedroom? No problem. The dining room downstairs and the hallway to the garage simply don’t work. So, in a bout of pretty extreme frustration this morning, I kicked in one of the walls. Which, of course, wasn’t the wall I needed (though at the time I thought it was). So of course, now I’ve got a wall that I’ve wrecked. It requires basically a new piece of drywall to be put up, so it’s not like it’s terribly hard to fix, it’s just a pain in the ass, and didn’t do any good. And I ripped up my wrist on the drywall at the same time, so … yeah. Dumb, unproductive, not as cathartic as it should have been, and all in all, pointless.

I cut back the broken bits so that there’s a rectagular piece, which ends in joists. So, it can be fixed relatively easily, but again… just a pain in the ass.

And the electrics still don’t work.

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